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Taken Antibiotics And Still Have A Yeast Infection

If you’ve taken antibiotics and still have a yeast infection there’s a very good reason for that. Antibiotics are the biggest cause of yeast infections, but for some reason this still doesn’t stop women from purchasing them online to cure their fungal infection. And in some unexplainable cases, it doesn’t stop doctor’s prescribing them for Candida overgrowth.

Your body’s natural defenses

You body has natural defenses such as the friendly bacteria and your immune system. Antibiotics completely destroy both of these, and when this happens you get a yeast infection that is extremely difficult to treat. You can’t cure Candida if your body has not got the ability to stop the yeast mutating once your treatment has finished.

So if you’ve attempted to cure your yeast infection with antibiotics then you’ve just made all your body’s natural defenses weaker, and you’ve just made your fungal infection worse, and it’s going to take you a much longer time to actually cure it now.

Yeast in your body

You have yeast in your body all the time, we all do, and when you were healthy your body was keeping the yeast under control. You have friendly bacteria in your body that keeps your intestines clean by fighting off infection causing organisms such as the Candida yeast. So when you started suffering from infection your natural defenses were already too weak, and you’ve made that worse now by using antibiotics when you were already suffering.

You have yeast and fungus in your intestines as well as your vagina, and this is even more so now because you have destroyed the friendly bacteria you had living in your digestive tract. So the fungus feeds on the food that you eat, and it also feeds on the walls of your intestines.

Why your yeast infection came back

If you attempted to cure your yeast infection with antibiotics then you must have used the conventional methods such as cream and pills first. The reason these didn’t cure your infection were because they only kill fungus, they don’t stop the yeast mutating into more fungus once the course of treatment has stopped. If you want to cure your infections then this is what your body has got to do. You can’t keep on killing the fungus to prevent your infections as it slowly becomes resistant to the anti fungal drug being used.

What you need to do

If you want to successfully treat your infections you need completely eliminate your body of fungus, and give your body a complete Candida cleanse. You also need to strengthen your body’s natural defenses so that when your treatment has finished the yeast in your body does not mutate into fungus any more.

Sarah Summer has helped over 100,000 sufferers in your position because she knows how to eliminate fungus from the human body, cleanse your body of the Candida yeast and get your body’s natural defenses back up to full strength. You can visit Sarah’s site at Natural Yeast Cure where you’ll learn how to get your health back to the way it once was. You have fungus in your intestines and this only has a negative effect on your good health.

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