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The Causes Of Too Much Yeast In Your Body

There are many causes of too much yeast in your body, and these range from prescription drugs to a poor diet. Whatever the cause the overgrowth of yeast in your body is, the results are always the same, you’re going to start suffering from recurrent yeast infections. When this happens you don’t only start suffering from an itchy vagina, but your health will slowly get worse as the fungus feeds on the walls of your digestive tract. This is what a high percentage of yeast infection sufferers never realize. They think that the fungus is only in their vagina even if their health goes downhill fast.


The overproduction of yeast in your body can be caused by the use of antibiotics. This anti bacterial drug is now the biggest cause of yeast infections because it destroys your body’s friendly bacteria. Friendly bacteria keeps the yeast under control so it stays low in numbers. When the yeast starts getting high in numbers after the friendly bacteria has been killed off, it will mutate into a fungus, and that is when your symptoms start. The fungus feeding on your skin cells is what is causing your itchy vagina.

Poor diet

Another reason why you could have too much yeast in your body is a poor diet. If your diet is high in sugar then you’re continually feeding the yeast. Yeast loves sugar and so does fungus, so your diet is actually causing your infection. If you want to have any chance of curing your infection then the first thing you must do is give up eating sugar. You can’t feed the yeast and fungus and try and eliminate it from your body at the same time. If you do carry on feeding it then you’ll be treating your infection for many years, or you’ll be doing what most other sufferers do, and that’s alleviate the symptoms for many years.

What you must do

If your body does have too much yeast in it then you need to give your body a good cleanse. You need to re-balance the bacteria in your body so you get your health back to the way it was. Your health is slowly going to get worse while the yeast and fungus in it is doing what they want. The fungus is going to start feeding on the walls of your intestines and then they will become perforated. Once this happens toxins from the fungus will enter your bloodstream, and then you start suffering from symptoms that you find a cause for.

If you want help eliminating the yeast and fungus from your body then you ned help from an expert. You’ll be shown everything you’re doing in your life that is encouraging the yeast and fungus to breed in your body, and then you’ll be able to eliminate it a lot easier.

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