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Threelac review

This Threelac review is for those of you who have a yeast infection that want to repopulate your digestive tract with a strong strain of friendly bacteria.

Threelac is a probiotic supplement that was used in Japan for years before it came over to the USA. Threelac is very effective at getting the friendly, live bacteria where it needs to go. It has three different strains of bacteria that survive their way past your stomach acid, and get into your intestines.

When the bacteria gets into your intestines it feeds on the problem organisms that your body doesn’t need. It’s the perfect weapon against intestinal candidiasis.

Recurrent yeast infections

Threelac gets to work treating your yeast infection from the inside out. Many women suffer recurrent yeast infections because they clear up the symptoms on the outside of their bodies, and leave the real cause inside their digestive tract. This leaves the Candida yeast living inside the bowel ready to start another infection as soon as the treatment stops. Everyone has Candida in their intestines it’s just that in some it has mutated into it’s fungal form, and then it causes problems.

Our results

My wife had quite severe Candidiasis when she first starting taking the threelac so she was taking it every day for about 6 months. Now she just takes a maintenance dose of a couple a week along with a healthy diet.

It’s nice to take as it tastes like lemon, and the beneficial bacteria are a lot stronger than the bacteria you get in live yogurt.

Where to buy it

You can get your Threelac at wholesale prices straight from the manufacturer. All you need to do is purchase a one year membership for $14.95, and you can get Threelac and many other products for wholesale prices. You can get your Threelac from Global Health Trax here.

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