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Untreated Yeast Infections – Are They Safe

Untreated yeast infections are an option a lot of women consider when they’re suffering from a vaginal fungal infection. The problem with this is, a yeast infection that is left untreated will only get worse because the infection is caused by an aggressive fungus that has made a home in and on your body, and it won’t go away until you have it under complete control.

Candida Albicans

Yeast infections are caused by an organism that we all have living in our bodies, and that is the Candida Albicans strain of fungus. In a healthy body the Candida is kept under control by the immune system and the beneficial bacteria that live in the intestines and on the skin. It’s only when the body’s natural defenses have been compromised in some way that the Candida is allowed to mutate into an aggressive form, and then it starts causing problems.

Vaginal yeast infections

The most common area of the body where you’ll notice your yeast infection symptoms are the vagina. This is because it’s the warmest and moistest part of the human body. It gives fungus the perfect environment to breed in.

What most women don’t realize is, this is not the only area of the body that the Candida fungus is living in, it’s just the only area that is showing any symptoms. Because Candida lives in the intestines it will be causing problems there as well, although you may not be experiencing any symptoms yet.

Riding your body of yeast

Eliminating yeast from your body will become more difficult the longer you leave your yeast infection untreated. Your body’s bacterial and chemical balance have been adjusted, and that is why the yeast now has control, and your body’s natural defenses don’t.

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