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My Vaginal Yeast Infection Is Worse After Treatment

A women has told us that her vaginal yeast infection is worse after her treatment. She then asks, what can I do now?

See your doctor

If you’ve tried a prescription anti fungal medication and your yeast infection is now worse it’s important that you go back to your doctor. And it’s more important to see your doctor if you have self diagnosed yourself, and now your vaginal bacterial infection is worse.

If your treatment was already prescribed by your doctor he or she can rule out any illness you may have that has caused your yeast infection to come back.

If you self diagnosed your yeast infection then your doctor can make sure you haven’t been treating another vaginal infection with a yeast infection treatment.

Your bacterial balance

If your vaginal yeast infection was caused by a bacterial imbalance then the anti fungal treatment you have been using will only have made the imbalance worse, and created an environment that the mutated Candida Albicans yeast will thrive in.

To get the bacterial balance back to normal in your vagina you can use a simple natural yeast infection cure. All you need to do is purchase a natural live yogurt that doesn’t contain any sugar. It’s important that you purchase a live yogurt. You can tell this by seeing if they have the bacteria listed on the label, acidophillus is one that should be in the yogurt.

Dip a tampon into the yogurt, then insert the tampon as you would normally. Leave the tampon in for a while then remove it. You can do this as many times as you like until you have the bacterial balance back in favor of your friendly bacteria.

If you find you’re still getting re-infected after you finish this natural treatment then you probably have an intestinal yeast infection. If this is the case you will need to start an anti Candida protocol to clear the mutated Candida yeast from your intestines.

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