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What Antibiotics Do You Use For A Yeast Infection

I was asked a few days ago, “What antibiotics do you use for a yeast infection?”

The answer to this question is short and sweet, you never use antibiotics for a yeast infection. Antibiotics are the biggest cause of yeast infections, and should never be used to try and cure any Candida related infection anywhere on your body.

Your bacterial balance

Your yeast infection is already caused by a bacterial imbalance in and on your body. Antibiotics will only make this worse, and the mutated Candida that is causing your yeast infection will have an easier time infecting you further when the antibiotics have killed off what’s left of your body’s natural defenses. These defenses are your friendly bacteria which get wiped out by the antibiotics.

Trusting your doctor

If you have been told by your doctor to take antibiotics or any other oral anti fungal medication it’s difficult not to trust their judgment. Anti fungal drugs only treat the symptoms where as a natural yeast infection cure will treat the cause of your yeast infection.

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