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What Can The Candida Yeast Do To Your Body

What can the Candida yeast do to your body?

What is the Candida fungus

Candida albicans lives in all of us naturally from a very early age. When your body’s natural defenses are compromised in some way this usually harmless and under control yeast is allowed to mutate into a more aggressive form.

This aggressive form of yeast then infects warm moist places in and on your body. It attaches itself to these places with rhizoids that it grows when it mutates. In your vagina you will suffer symptoms like…

  • Itching
  • Burning
  • Vaginal discharge
  • Painful sexual intercourse

When the yeast mutates in your intestines you will start to suffer from far worse symptoms.They usually start off with digestive disorders, and as the Candida’s rhizoids perforate the walls of your intestines toxins get released into your bloodstream.

When these toxins get into your bloodstream your symptoms become associated with lethargy, and your mental clarity soon disappears. You’ll start suffering from mood swings, aching muscles and joints, and a whole load of other symptoms that you wouldn’t associate with the Candida yeast.

Most women are very casual about their infection

Most women just see a yeast infection as nothing to worry about. Some even wonder if they go away if they’re left untreated. If the Candida Albicans yeast is left for too long it can destroy your health. The ease in which you can get cures over the counter doesn’t mean this is a harmless fungus. Most doctors think the yeast is harmless which is why so many women suffer from recurrent yeast infections and intestinal yeast infections. If the last prescription didn’t cure it you get a stronger one the next time, and then a vicious cycle begins.

If you have a yeast infection of any kind the sooner you cure yourself properly the better your health will be.

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