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What is Candida

What is Candida? This is a question I’ve seen commonly asked while researching on the internet.

Candida is what usually is a harmless yeast that lives inside and outside every one of us. This includes your…


  • Gastro-intestinal tract
  • Mouth
  • Skin

How does it get out of control

A perfectly healthy body will have no trouble keeping the Candida yeast under control. Your natural body flora does this with the beneficial bacteria you have living alongside the Candida.

When something upsets this natural balance like a course of antibiotics the Candida can start to gain control of parts of your body. This is when you will start feeling the symptoms of a yeast infection or candidiasis.

Immune system

The strength of your immune system will play a role in how well your body can fight off the candida overgrowth. A weakened immune system running alongside a poor bacterial balance will allow the Candida to turn into it’s fungal form. When this happens the Candida grows rhizoids ( hooks ) and attaches itself to parts of your body, and this is where symptoms start showing themselves.


If this starts happening in your digestive tract then your symptoms will start in your digestive tract, and then move to other parts of your body. People start reporting…


  • Foggy brain syndrome
  • Lethargy
  • Mood swings
  • And many other symptoms

Keep yourself healthy

Men and women who keep themselves fit and healthy by eating a balanced diet that is rich in nutrients should very rarely suffer from a yeast infection or Candidiasis. It’s when other factors come into play that this harmless bacteria starts causing problems. Being prepared for something to happen, like the time after a course of antibiotics will cut down the numbers of women suffering from yeast infections

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