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What Makes Your Yeast Infection Itch

What makes your yeast infection itch? That’s a question someone has asked, and I’ll explain it as as best as I can below.

Your yeast infection

Your yeast infection is caused by the mutated Candida yeast that is now a fungus. I don’t think many women realize that they are actually infected with a fungus, and this is why they run into problems later because they don’t know how to deal with a fungus.

What the fungus does to you

The mutated fungus attaches itself to your skin with its rhizoids ( hooks ), and it then starts feeding off of your bodies skin cells. As it start feeding it will burrow its way further into you skin in the search of fresh cells to feed on.

This is where the itching starts

Itching is your skins way of telling you it has something on it that shouldn’t be there. In this case it is fungus. Unfortunately as much as your skin is telling you to scratch yourself this will make a yeast infection worse.

Your scratching will damage your skin even more and then your yeast infection will get deeper into your skin. The only time your itching will stop is when you start to feel pain

Because the itching is caused by a fungus the quicker you cure yourself the less chance you have of this fungus burrowing any deeper.

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