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What Natural Remedy Do You Take When Taking Antibiotics

What natural remedy do you take when taking antibiotics? This will be different depending on what condition your body is in when you start the course of antibiotics.

Yeast infection prevention

If you want to prevent yourself from suffering from a yeast infection after you have finished the course of antibiotics you can start taking probiotics. By taking probiotics you will repopulate your intestines with the friendly bacteria that the antibiotics have killed.

Threelac is the only probiotic that I would recommend to you as they’re the only probiotic that I know of that will survive the journey into your intestines. Cheap probiotics that you can buy in your local health food store are easily killed off by your stomach acid, which makes them useless in the fight against the Candida fungus.

The Threelac probiotic is micro encapsulated so the bacteria is protected. This protection allows the Threelac to get to your intestines where it will feed on other micro-organisms that your body doesn’t need. It will also prevent the Candida yeast from mutating and stop it from causing you problems.

If you have a yeast infection already

If you’re already suffering from a yeast infection, or you’re taking the antibiotics to cure your yeast infection then the course of antibiotics will make the infection worse. You will probably need more than just probiotics to cure your yeast infection, and you will need to start an anti Candida protocol.

The two most successful anti Candida programs available on the internet are…

Both of these programs have a high success rate of over 96%. They have both been created around years of research into the Candida yeast fungus.

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