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When An Over The Counter Yeast Infection Cure No Longer Works

I received an email from a women asking, “What do I do when an over the counter yeast cure doesn’t work?”

Thousands of women every week are discovering that over the counter yeasts cures don’t cure their yeast infections. The reasons can be…

  • The yeast in your vagina is resistant to the medication
  • You have a health problem causing your recurrent yeast infections
  • Your yeast infection is also in your intestines
  • You’re only treating one of many yeast infection symptoms

First see your doctor

The first thing you should do when an over the counter yeast cure doesn’t work is go back and see your doctor. Your doctor can rule out any health problems that could be causing your yeast infection to become recurrent.

Discover the cause of your yeast infection

Once your doctor has given you the all clear the next step is to discover the cause of your yeast infection. The over the counter treatment you’re using is only treating one symptom, it’s not treating the cause of your Candida overgrowth.

When you’re only treating the symptom of your yeast infection in your vagina you will eventually have resistant Candida Albicans yeast living in your vagina. This will make it impossible to cure you yeast infection with an over the counter cure even after you have discovered the cause of your yeast infection. See bottom of this post for information on finding the cause of your yeast infection.

Start treating your yeast infection naturally

When over the counter yeast infection cures no longer work you need to start curing your yeast infection naturally. Over the counter cures, whether topical or oral will create an imbalance on your body’s natural bacterial flora. Treating your yeast infection naturally puts your flora back into balance and cures your yeast infection from the cause.

Three excellent resources

Three excellent resources for naturally curing your yeast infection that can longer be treated with an over the counter cure are…

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