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When To Start Taking Monistat With Antibiotics

A woman has asked, “When do I start taking my monistat with my antibiotics?” This is by, for me, one of the most disturbing questions I’ve been asked about curing candidiasis.

Lethal cocktail

I’ve emailed this woman straight back basically telling her that she needs another approach to curing her yeast infection and candidiasis.

She must have the idea that if she kills all the Candida in her body with the antibiotics, and kills the yeast in her vagina with the monistat then she will be Candida free. This is not going to happen.

Her yeast infections will just get more severe

This problem is probably more common than I think it is. She didn’t say, but her doctor could have told her to use this combination if she is suffering from recurrent yeast infections. Doctors will usually keep on prescribing more anti fungal creams and pills until the patient eventually gives up, never goes back, and starts looking for alternatives online.

All that will happen with a combination of anti fungals like this is, once the treatment is finished the Candida will come back with a vengeance because there is nothing left in your body to fight off the Candida that is repopulating your intestines and vagina.

An anti Candida protocol is needed

If you’re suffering from recurrent yeast infections and/or candidiasis this prescription drug approach is not the answer. All I could do was advice this woman to either purchase our ebook, Cure Your Yeast Infection Naturally, or purchase another one like Sarah Summer’s Natural Cure For Yeast Infection or Leigh Hunter’s Cure Your yeast Infection Fast.

I can only wish that this woman has taken my advise. Continually taking antibiotics and monistat in this way will only make her health deteriorate fast. I’ve been there myself, and heard many reports from other yeast infection sufferers that are similar. This prescription medicine approach has been known to make woman bedridden because their body’s had no energy to get out of bed due to all the toxins being pumped around their body from the funagl form of Candida.

If you are in suffering from recurrent yeast infections the natural approach, and an anti Candida protocol is the only way to cure yourself. I can’t stop anyone listening to their doctor as that’s what doctors are there for, but doctors don’t know much about anything that cannot be cured with a drug.

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