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Why Didn’t Monistat Cure My Yeast Infection

Why didn’t monistat cure my yeast infection? There are three main reasons for your anti fungal over the counter treatment not to work. They’re explained below.

The yeast is resistant

One reason why your over the counter yeast infection treatment didn’t work is, the Candida yeast that has infected you has become resistant to the treatment. This can happen if you’ve had yeast infections before and you’re still using the same treatment to cure yourself.

The Candida yeast doesn’t take long to become resistant to an anti fungal drug if you keep using the same one all the time.

You may have a health problem

You could have a health problem that has caused your yeast infection to return after your treatment stopped. You will need to go back to your doctor to have further tests to diagnose an illness.

You have Candidiasis

You could have candidiasis which is a yeast infection of the intestines. If you treat the infection in your vagina then you’re only treating one single symptom of your yeast infection, and not the cause. Once the treatment has finished the yeast infection in your intestines will just find it’s way back to your vagina and you’ll start suffering from your symptoms again.

A natural remedy for your yeast infection

If an over the counter yeast infection cure hasn’t helped you then you can try a natural yeast infection cure. A natural remedy will cure your yeast infection from the root cause. A natural yeast infection cure will also…

  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Repair cell damage caused by the mutated Candida yeast
  • Help repopulate your intestines with friendly bacteria
  • Cure all the symptoms associated with your yeast infection

What you can do now

If you want a natural cure that does all of these then you can read more information on a guaranteed Candida cure here – Candidate natural Candida cure.

If you’re looking for a complete anti Candida protocol where you get help with your diet, anti fungals and natural topical treatments then these two are the most successful on the internet…

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