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Why Do Antibiotics Give You Yeast Infections

Why do antibiotics give you a yeast infection? There is a combination of three major reasons why antibiotics are now the biggest cause of yeast infections which are explained below.

Your intestinal flora

Your body has a natural intestinal flora that is controlled by friendly bacteria. This beneficial bacteria is continually at work keeping the infection causing bacteria and fungus under control. When you take antibiotics the bacterial balance in your intestines is upset, and the antibiotics completely kill all the bacteria in your intestines.

Once the antibiotics have killed your friendly bacteria your body has lost its major defense against harmful bacteria and fungus so they can easily start to populate your intestines. Once your intestines are taken over by the Candida Albicans yeast that’s when you’ll start suffering from yeast infections.

Your immune system

Antibiotics use also weakens your immune system. This will generally be after continual use of antibiotics, but if for another reason your immune system is weak then one course of antibiotics could weaken your immune system further.

Your immune system needs to be strong to fight off any type of infections, and not just yeast infections. No cure will work until your immune system is strong enough, and this is one of the reasons many women suffer from recurrent/chronic yeast infections.

Mutating Candida yeast

Antibiotics also cause the usually harmless Candida Albicans yeast to mutate into a more aggressive fungal form. This mutating makes the yeast grow rhizoids that the yeast uses to attach itself to the inside of your vagina and intestines so it can start feeding on the cells of your body. This is the action of the yeast that cause the itching in your vagina, and the perforation of your intestines.

A combination of all three

It’s the combination of all three of these antibiotics effects that has made antibiotics the largest cause of yeast infection and many other bacterial infections you can suffer from.

What are your options

If you’re now suffering from a yeast infection or suffering from chronic yeast infections you now have to reverse all of the above which means you need to…

  • Encourage the re-growth of friendly bacteria in your digestive tract
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Kill the Candia yeast

There are two successful products that you can purchase that do what you need to rid your body of the Candida yeast. The first one which is the best selling natural yeast infection cure on the internet is Sarah Summer’s “Natural Cure For Yeast infections.” Sarah Summer was a one time chronic yeast infection sufferer who learnt that anti fungal drugs only make your yeast infection worse because they don’t cure your infection from the cause, they just give relief from the symptoms in the hope that the real cause has gone.

You can read more information, and read customer testimonials on Sarah Summer’s Natural Cure For Yeast Infections here.

Another yeast infection cure that is herbal that can reverse the effects of antibiotics is Candidate. Candidate uses the power of herbs to help your body rid itself of the Candida yeast without the need of any drugs. It is a proprietary blend of herbs that have been use for a lot longer than any drugs to combat yeast infections.

You can get more information on Candidate herbal yeast infection cure here.

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