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Why Do Yeast Infections Keep Recurring?

I was asked recently, “Why do yeast infections keep recurring?”

This question gets asked more often all the time because more women are now suffering from recurrent yeast infections than they used too.

Your only treating the yeast infection symptoms

The main cause why a yeast infection will become recurrent/chronic is the treatment you’re using is only treating the symptoms of the yeast infection. The cause of the infection isn’t getting treated at all so is lying dormant ready to re-infect you when your vaginal anti fungal treatment stops.

An underlying illness

Another reason why your yeast infection can become recurrent is due to an underlying illness you might have. If your yeast infection has become chronic then it is advised you visit your doctor to rule out any underlying illness.

Recurrent yeast infections can be the signs of something serious like HIV/AIDS or diabetes. If your a healthy person and the doctor can find nothing wrong with you apart from your recurrent yeast infections then the problem will lie in your intestines.

Once the Candida yeast has infected your intestines it will re-infect your vagina every time you stop your anti fungal treatment. This gives rise to the risk of the yeast becoming resistant to the treatment, so you need to cure the yeast infection from the cause first so you stop the reoccurrence of your infection.

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