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Why Does Monistat Burn

Why does Monistat burn? Monistat will burn you when you’re suffering from one of it’s few side effects which is vaginal burning.

What makes Monistat burn

Monistat is an anti fungal yeast infection treatment that contains the active ingredient miconazole. Miconazole is the part of the anti fungal cream that you will be allergic to if you are suffering from burning. This burning effects a small percentage of women who use this kind of OTC medicine to cure their yeast infection.

See your doctor

If you are suffering an allergic reaction to your anti fungal OTC treatment you must return to your doctor as soon as possible to make sure you are in fact suffering an allergic reaction. If you have self diagnosed your vaginal infection it could be another infection getting worse because the OTC is not curing anything. Your doctor may also recommend another anti fungal drug for you to take.

What are your alternative yeast infection cures

One easy, natural yeast infection cure you can try is a tampon dipped in a live, natural yogurt, and then inserted as normal. Just leave it in for a few hours and then take it out. Leaving the tampon in for too long can make your symptoms worse. You can do this a couple of times a day until your yeast infection has gone. Make sure the yogurt is a live yogurt, and it is sugar free. Any sugar in the yogurt will just feed the Candida yeast that is infecting your vagina.

The good thing about this method of curing your yeast infection is the Candida won’t become resistant to the yogurt as the friendly bacteria in the yogurt lives naturally in your vagina all the time. The reason you have your yeast infection is the Candida has been allowed to mutate because your friendly bacteria levels were low.

If you need something extra

If you find the yogurt isn’t working then you could have an overgrowth of Candida in your intestines. If your immune system is weak and/or your diet is poor this can easily cause an intestinal yeast infection. An excellent herbal yeast infection cure that can eliminate the Candida yeast from your body that is FDA compliant is Candidate. Candidate will strengthen your immune system and encourage the re-growth of friendly bacteria in your digestive tract. This will make it a lot easier to cure your vaginal yeast infection, and get your health back to normal.

You can read more information on Candidate herbal yeast infection cure here.

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There’s no need for anti fungal drugs or medicines

If you want to successfully rid your body of the cell destroying mutated Candida yeast there’s no need for any expensive drugs and medicines that can upset the environment, and make your problems worse. There are many natural alternatives that you can use of which the best are mentioned above.

Get well soon.

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