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Why Does Your Body Make Yeast

Why does your body make yeast?The Candida Albicans yeast lives in us all naturally, it’s only when something in your body is compromised that the Candida yeast is allowed to mutate. More on this below.

A medication you have been taking

The Candida yeast can mutate after or during a course of medication. The biggest cause of mutating Candida is antibiotics. Antibiotics create an environment in your body for the Candida yeast to mutate, and the antibiotics do this in two ways.

Firstly a course of antibiotics kills the infection you were taking them for, and they kill your friendly bacteria that is there to protect you from infection causing bacteria. With no friendly bacteria to protect you the yeast will mutate as it is allowed to take control of your body.

Your immune system

Antibiotics also weaken your immune system, and your body needs a healthy immune system to fight off bacterial infections. So with antibiotics killing your friendly bacteria and weakening your immune system you can understand why antibiotics are the biggest cause of yeast infections.

Other medications that can cause yeast infections are corticosteroids and steroids. These drugs suppress your immune system, and then the usually harmless Candida yeast can mutate.

Birth control pills

Birth control pills can cause hormone imbalances which will then weaken your immune system. High levels of estrogen are responsible for this as these high levels can cause cell division in your body.

See your doctor if you need help

If you suffer from recurrent yeast infections, and you’re on permanent medication then you can see your doctor about changing your medication if that’s possible. Many women will suffer with their yeast infections to save going to see their doctor, but in the end the Candida yeast can be just as destructive to your body as the medication you’re taking.

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