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Why You Need To Rid Your Body Of Candida Yeast

Here’s a list of reasons why you need to rid your body of the mutated Candida yeast…

  • The mutated Candida destroy body cells. When the Candia has infected you, whether it’s on your skin, inside your vagina, or inside your intestines it will start to feed on the cells of your body. This cell damage will effect your health eventually. When the Candida infection, whether in your vagina or in your intestines isn’t treated they will burrow deeper into your cells looking for fresh cells to feed on. This makes conventional vaginal yeast infection treatments useless as they can’t penetrate your skin deep enough, and in your intestines the burrowing will cause perforations leading to a whole host of yeast infection symptoms.
  • Candida impairs your digestion. When the Candida yeast takes over your intestines it kills off your friendly bacteria so your food isn’t digested properly. The mutated Candida feed on this undigested food. Undigested and fermented food feeds the Candida and other parasites that are able to survive in your intestines. And the more Candida you have in your system the more undigested food you have as well as they are killing your friendly bacteria.
  • The mutated Candida cause food cravings. Many people suffering from Candida overgrowth in their intestines suffer from food cravings for sugar and bread. These are the Candida yeasts favorite foods, and this causes your cravings. Part of the sugar craving is because the Candida is robbing your body of the sugar you are eating so it naturally craves more. This craving is more in people who eat a diet high in sugar as their body responds easily when it isn’t getting the same sugar fix it would normally get.
  • Your energy levels are low when you are suffering from Candida overgrowth. Candida robs your body of nutrition and puts your internal organs under more stress because of the toxins that enter your blood. More toxins enter your blood because your intestines are designed to absorb nutrients from your digested food. If the food that you eat isn’t being digested properly because of the Candida overgrowth then the fermented food will put toxins into your blood instead of nutrients. The Candida yeast also releases over 70 toxins that get absorbed.
  • The mutated Candida is a fungus. Fungus destroys everything it can and then moves on. If you leave your yeast infection untreated you will soon find out how destructive it could be. First your vagina, then your intestines, then your blood and then your internal organs. It doesn’t know how to stop so you have to do it. Some sufferers even create a super yeast that goes to work faster by giving it everything they need like anti fungal drugs and a poor diet that’s high in sugar and lacking any nutrition.

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