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Why You Should See Your Doctor Before You Use Monistat

There are very good reasons why you should see your doctor before you use Monistat, and they are explained for you below. Monistat is by far the most popular yeast infection treatment that is available over the counter. Because it is available over the counter the use of it has been abused, and now more and more women are running into problems because of the ease in which it is purchased.

Monistat was once a prescription only anti fungal medicine so every women that used it had to use it under the guidance of their doctor. Now it is an over the counter medicine thousands of women are purchasing it as soon as they start getting some feminine itching, and this is where a the problems begin.

Seeing your doctor first

When you see your doctor before you use anything on your infection you get a correct diagnosis of your infection. There are many vaginal bacterial infections that have similar symptoms to a yeast infection, but they are a lot more dangerous. A yeast infection that goes untreated will just get worse, but another vaginal infection that isn’t correctly treated can cause permanent damage to your internal and reproductive organs.

This is why it’s important for a correct diagnosis as soon as possible.

Cause a yeast infection yourself that is drug resistant

If you start using Monistat as soon as you start getting some symptoms that resemble a yeast infection and you don’t have a yeast infection you can actually cause an infection. This won’t be just a regular yeast infection though, it will be one that is resistant to the anti fungal cream that you’ve been using.

When you expose the yeast to the cream it will mutate into a more aggressive form to protect itself from the thing that is trying to kill it. This mutating is a built-in self defense mechanism that bacteria and fungus have, and this is the reason why antibiotics have become the biggest cause of yeast infections.

More women now suffer from yeast infections that are resistant to anti fungal creams because of the easy availability of them, and because they don’t need to see their doctor before they purchase them.

At the end of the day it’s up to you

No one can force you to see your doctor first, but if your health is important to you then it’s a good idea to get a correct diagnosis first, and then use the treatment under the guidance of your doctor. If you create a resistant yeast in your vagina you could end up suffering from yeast infections for a very long time.

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