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Why You’re Suffering From Recurrent Yeast Infections

The reason you’re suffering from recurrent yeast infections is you’re still only treating the infection symptoms, and not treating your yeast infection from the cause. Until you treat the cause of your infection your body will still allow the Candida Albicans yeast to mutate into a fungus, and it’s this fungus that is causing your symptoms. The fungus is also in your intestines, and not just in your vagina.

OTC yeast creams

OTC anti fungal yeast creams only kill the fungus in your vagina. They don’t kill the fungus in your intestines, and they don’t reverse the damage to your body’s natural defenses that is allowing the yeast to mutate. Keep killing the yeast with a cream also creates resistant yeast because every infection will be caused by a stronger strain of fungus that the last infection you had.

Fungus has a natural defense system where it can mutate so it is stronger. When it is continually exposed to the same drug that is killing it it will continue to mutate so in the end the creams just makes the fungus stronger instead of killing it.

Oral anti fungal drugs

Oral anti fungal drugs are the same. If you keep killing the fungus and it keeps coming back it will become resistant. The problem with taking oral anti fungal drugs is the fungus that is becoming resistant is living inside your intestines. This will have a major effect on your good health, and you’re probably already experiencing some of the symptoms if you’re taken a lot of oral drugs without any success.

Your body’s natural defenses

The human body is quite capable of curing a yeast infection itself, and it can prevent any further infections. All you need to do is strengthen your natural defenses that have been weakened. Everyone has the Candida yeast living in their body, there are no exceptions to this rule.

All you need to do is stop the yeast from mutating, that is the only way you can treat your recurrent yeast infections. No drug will do it, all they do is create resistant yeast. Drug companies are making millions of dollars every month for repeat prescriptions for anti fungal drugs.

Curing your yeast infection naturally

To stop your recurrent yeast infections you have to treat them naturally. You have to restore all of your body’s natural strength that has been protecting you successfully up until you start suffering from your Candida overgrowth.

Sarah Summer is a yeast infection expert who has helped tens of thousands of sufferers restore their body’s natural defenses system. Not only will your yeast infections stop, but your digestion will improve and so will your health. The fungus will slowly destroy your good health if you don’t remove it from your system.

You can find out more information about Sarah Summer and her hugely successful natural yeast cure here – Sarah Summer’s Natural Cure For Recurrent Yeast Infections.

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