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Will A Yeast Infection Go Away Untreated

“Will a yeast infection go away untreated?” This has to be the most popular question I come across on the internet. And it proves how little, real information there is available to women all over the world.

It must be the word yeast

Because it’s just called a “yeast infection,” I think it doesn’t sound that bad or serious. When you get an infection like bacterial vaginosis, that sounds like it’s going to be an unpleasant infection to get, and it is.

When someone gets a yeast infection the word yeast just doesn’t have the same impact, and I think this is why thousands of woman think that it’s not a serious infection to have, and it will go away if they forget about it.

What a yeast infection is

A yeast infection is an infection caused by the fungal form of the Candida yeast. This yeast is a lot more powerful than it sounds. It can become resistant to any cream that you use if your infection isn’t treated properly. If it’s left untreated your symptoms can only get more severe, and the yeast will start infecting other parts of your body.

Drug companies make millions every year

Drug companies that produce anti fungal treatments make millions every year because women don’t realize what a yeast infection is, and they have no idea why they have it in the first place.

So this gives us two groups of women who are at both ends of the scale. One group are hoping they don’t need to treat their yeast infection, and the other group are treating their symptoms of their yeast infection without actually attacking the cause of their yeast infection.

This blog was created so more women all over the world can get good information about yeast infections and candidiasis. The more women that get the right information as quickly as possible the more women will not have to start suffering the emotional and physical symptoms that come with yeast infections.

Need more information?

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