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Will Natural Yogurt Cure My Yeast Infection

Will natural yogurt cure your yeast infection?

Mild vaginal yeast infection

If you are suffering from a mild vaginal yeast infection then a live,natural yogurt is the perfect cure. You must be sure thought that the natural yogurt is a live yogurt and doesn’t contain any sugar. If the yogurt contains sugar you will just feed the Candida yeast, and your yeast infection will get worse.

The friendly bacteria in the live yogurt ( that you will see listed on the label ) live naturally in your vagina. This means that the Candida yeast won’t become resistant to the treatment like it can an anti fungal cream.

The friendly bacteria in the live yogurt will overpower the mutated Candida yeast and create an environment that the Candida can’t survive in.

How to use the yogurt to treat your yeast infection

All you need to do is dip a tampon into the yogurt then insert the tampon as you would normally. Just leave it in for a few hours then remove it. If you leave the tampon in for too long then your sysmptoms can get worse. The cold yogurt can also help with elevating the symptoms like the burning and itching.

If the yogurt doesn’t work

If the yogurt doesn’t work within a week then you may need a stronger treatment. If you haven’t been to see your doctor it would be good idea to pay them a visit to make sure you have been treating a yeast infection and not another vaginal infection. A high percentage of women who self diagnose themselves get it wrong, and this can lead to damage to internal organs if it’s a much more dangerous infection.

Other alternative yeast infection treatments

If the yogurt isn’t working and you still want to treat your yeast infection with a natural cure there are some excellent alternatives for you.

Three natural, herbal treatments are…

Anti Candida protocols

If you have suffered from your yeast infections for a while then a complete anti Candida protocol may be needed. The two most successful that you can buy are…

All of the products above treat your yeast infection from the inside, and don’t just treat one single symptom like a conventional treatment does.

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