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Will Probiotics Help To Cure Your Yeast Infection

Posting replies to your questions is one of the things that make this natural cures for yeast infections blog an enjoyment. I like to post the replies here so you all get the benefits of the answers.

A lady emailed me a short while ago asking, “Will probiotics cure help to cure my yeast infection?”

Vaginal yeast infection

If the yeast infection is just a vaginal yeast infection then a natural live yogurt will cure your yeast infection. This works because you are inserting the probiotics straight to the area where you are getting your yeast infection symptoms. The yogurt you don’t use can be eaten. This puts the bacteria into your intestines which can also help you.

What you have to do

To use this method all you have to do is dip a tampon into your yogurt then insert it as you normally would, and leave it there for a few hours. You can do this a couple of times a day, and depending on how mild your yeast infection is will determine how long it takes to cure yourself. With a very mild yeast infection you could start noticing improvements within the first 2 days.

No resistance build up

The best part of this natural cure is the Candida yeast doesn’t build up a resistance to the live yogurt because the beneficial bacteria in the yogurt is found naturally in your vagina already.

Recurrent yeast infections

If you find that this method of natural cure isn’t working, or your yeast infection keeps returning after you finish the treatment you may have a yeast infection in your bowel. Recurrent yeast infection need to be addressed from inside of your body as well as outside.

See your doctor

If you are suffering from recurrent yeast infections you should also see your doctor first to rule out any underlying causes for your yeast infections. Seeing your doctor will also determine that you have a yeast infection, and not any other bacterial infection.

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Whichever way you choose to cure your yeast infection I hope you don’t suffer for very long.

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