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Yeast Infection After Monistat

A yeast infection after Monistat usually happens when someone use this anti fungal cream as a yeast infection test. This cream is used to kill fungus and it is in no way a test for fungal infections. If you use Monistat and you haven’t got a yeast infection then you’ll create one.

If you’ve create a yeast infection with an anti fungal cream then your infection is now resistant to it as the Candida and the fungus have now been exposed. Also, the cream you used has forced the Candida to mutate so it will mutate into a fungus that has had some exposure to the treatment. You can try the treatment again and se if it makes you infection any worse or you can use a natural cure such as Sarah Summers Natural Yeast Cure.

If you don’t have a yeast infection before treatment

Many women for one reason or another use anti fungal creams even if they don’t have a yeast infection. I’m not sure why, but this is not a good thing to do to yourself. Perhaps some women think they can prevent yeast infections from happening with this approach. The Candida Albicans yeast naturally lives inside everyone of us. When it is allowed to mutate into its fungal form it will start causing you problems.

You can speed up this mutating process by applying anti fungal creams when you don’t need to. The usually harmless Candida Albicans yeast will mutate to fight off the effects of the anti fungal cream. This will then create a drug resistant fungus that is now living inside of your vagina.

If you do have a yeast infection

If you do have a yeast infection before you use any anti fungal treatment, and it doesn’t cure your yeast infection, you will have to find the cause of your infection. 5% of women suffer from recurrent yeast infections because they don’t know what is causing their infection. They will continue applying cream and suppositories in the hope that they will eventually cure their infection, but this never happens.

By continually applying anti fungal medications to your yeast infection will only create a drug resistant strain of Candida yeast/fungus. For your cure to be successful you need to take care of the cause of your yeast infection first.

See your doctor

If you are suffering from recurrent yeast infections you must see your doctor first so he/she can test you to see if you have any underlying health problems that can be causing your yeast infections.

If you have self diagnosed yourself ( like a lot of women do ) then your doctor can correctly diagnose your infection to make sure you have been trying to cure a yeast infection. Thousands of women get their diagnosis wrong every month, and then end up with something a lot worse to cure.

It could be left to you

If your doctor rules out any health problems, and you definitely are suffering from a yeast infection then you need to treat your infection from the cause yourself. All your doctor can give you is more anti fungal cream or start prescribing you oral anti fungals like Diflucan.

This is usually a slow process to you suffering from serious intestinal yeast problems as the oral anti fungals upset your intestinal flora, and make you intestines a breeding ground for the mutated Candida yeast.

What natural cure you can use

If you would like to use a successful anti Candida program that will teach you everything you need to know about the yeast that has infected your intestines you can take a look at Sarah Summer’s Natural Cure For Yeast Infections.

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