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Yeast Infection Pictures And Photos

Many yeast infection sufferers come to this blog in search of yeast infection pictures and photos. As much as I like to teach you about the Candida yeast and how destructive it can be I can’t bring myself to post pictures on this blog.

Too graphic

I’ve put a link at the bottom of this post that will take you to google images. These are very graphic photos so be prepared. You will see just how this usually harmless yeast can infect someone’s body when it turns into it’s fungal form, and is not treated properly.

Will a yeast infection clear on it’s own

I have visitors to this blog asking if a yeast infection will clear up on its own. These women must have a yeast infection that needs curing, and then they just leave the blog. They must be searching the internet for reassurance that their yeast infection is going to clear up on its own. I’m sure if they look at the photos, or anyone looks as those photos they would try and cure their yeast infection as soon as possible, and not waste time searching the internet asking if it will go away if they just forget about it.


What these photos don’t show you is what the Candida yeast does to your intestines when you’re suffering from candidiasis. You can see why the walls of your intestines get perforated, and then toxins enter your bloodstream when this yeast mutates into its fungal form.

If anyone is upset or disturbed by the photos I apologize in advance. You will probably understand why I don’t put the photos on this blog, although I probably should so more women can see what this bacteria can do to them if left untreated.

Whatever stage your at with your yeast infection treatment I hope you cure yourself as soon as possible.

If the link doesn’t work for you just go to your favorite search engine, click on the images tag that is located just above the search bar, and then type candidiasis in the search bar.

Yeast infection/candidiasis pictures

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