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Yeast Infection Prevention

Knowing yeast infection prevention would make life easier for millions of women around the world. With 75% of women suffering from a yeast infection at one time in their life, most women probably wouldn’t worry about preventing it from happening. To them, there are probably a lot more illnesses to worry about, and try to prevent.

Recurrent yeast infections

For the unfortunate 5% of women that suffer from recurrent yeast infections preventing them will give them a lot of relief. Candidiasis/yeast infections are not very comfortable when you are suffering from them more than once, and they usually come back with a vengeance.

Recurrent yeast infections come back with a vengeance because the Candida yeast causing the infection will begin to grow stronger and immune to the Monistat or whatever cream or pill they have been using.

Knowing the causes

For the 75% of women who suffer from yeast infections, preventing them could be difficult. The yeast infection could just be caused by a period of a low immune system, and no one could prevent that for their whole life.

You could eat a healthy diet so your body has more defense when a yeast infection strikes, but as for preventing one it could be impossible.

Chronic yeast infections

If you’re one of women who suffer from chronic yeast infections knowing the cause will definitely be a benefit to your health. To suffer from more yeast infections than you should is always due to an underlying cause.

A major cause is antibiotics. Once the bacterial balance has been interrupted by the antibiotics it can never get back to how it should be unless it tackled properly.

Preventing yeast infections

Preventing more yeast infections is quite easy once you know the cause. You can start an anti-candida diet with a good quality probiotic, and then get your health back to how it should be. How quickly this will happen will depend on how strict you are with your diet, and how long you have been getting the recurrent yeast infections.

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