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Yeast Infection Symptoms Getting Worse After Starting Treatment

A lady emailed me saying her yeast infection symptoms are getting worse after starting her treatment. This is what is commonly known as yeast die off.

The severity of the yeast infection

When the Candida is being killed off with a natural anti fungal treatment the dead Candida start releasing toxins into your bloodstream. This is what makes all the symptoms worse as the original symptoms of the yeast infection are from the toxins the Candida yeast release once they have penetrated your intestinal wall.

Your liver

The extra toxins that are in your blood put your liver under more strain, and this is what causes the symptoms like more tiredness and itching skin.

What you can do

To help calm down the symptoms of die off you can start taking a smaller dose of the anti fungal treatment. This will lessen the die off symptoms so you can cope a bit better with your everyday life. The die off shouldn’t last any more than a couple of weeks but will last longer if you have had your yeast infection/candidiasis for a long time.

You can also add more fiber to your diet so the dead Candida pass through your bowel a lot faster so they have less time to release the toxins into your bloodstream. A good way to put extra fiber in your diet is to eat more grains and vegetables. Fruit, although high in fiber might be too sugary if your candidiasis is quite severe.

Adding psyllium husks

If more grains and vegetables aren’t enough to get your bowels moving more regularly then Psyllium Husks are an excellent way to add more fiber to your diet. Psyllium Husks come in powder form that you add to water and then drink straight down. Follow this up with another glass of water as the Psyllium expands in your intestines as it soaks the water up. The follow up glass is very important so you wash all the Psyllium down.

You can add Bentonite clay do the Psyllium Husks to make a nice detoxing cocktail. Bentonite clay attracts the toxins from your bowel so they are instantly eliminated.

The die off period is a side effect of curing your yeast infection so you at least know something is working. Once you’re over this period you’ll start feeling a lot better, and have more energy than you’ve had for a long while.

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