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Yeast infections from antibiotics

Yeast infections from antibiotics are becoming more and more popular all the time. That also includes Candidiasis which is usually the term used for a yeast infection of the digestive tract. Although the yeast infection isn’t caught directly from the antibiotics, it is a major cause.

75% of women are now infected with the fungal form of Candida yeast at one time in their life. 50% will have at least 2 yeast infections, and there’s an unfortunate 5% of women who will suffer from recurrent yeast infections. Considering how mush literature there is available on the subject now, that is quite a large percentage of women who are suffering who shouldn’t be.


Antibiotics are prescribed by doctors to kill a bacteria or fungus in your system but they end up killing everything including the beneficial bacteria your body needs to stay healthy. Your beneficial bacteria is your first line of defense from any harmful micro organisms that can infect your body or cause discomfort.

When all the bacteria in your body is killed by the antibiotics the Candida starts to repopulate, and there is nothing in place to fight it and stop it from taking over parts of your body. Foods such as sugar and refined carbohydrates that our diets are high in are the perfect food for the Candida, and so it begins to grow stronger and mutate into it’s fungal form.

After mutating, the Candida start to grow hooks, and attach themselves to your…

  • Skin
  • Vaginal walls
  • Intestines
  • Even inside your mouth


Once this happens you will start to suffer from the symptoms associated with yeast infections


If you do ever take a course of antibiotics then it’s a good idea to take some sort of probiotic supplement afterwards so your digestive tract is repopulated with healthy, beneficial bacteria.

An excellent probiotic supplement is Threelac which has 3 different strains of healthy bacteria that survive the journey past your stomach acid, and then attach themselves to your intestinal walls. Most probiotic products don’t survive the digestive process, and are a waste of your money.

Probiotics are a lot more important to your health than a lot of people think they are. It’s only when something like a Yeast infection takes hold that people ever really think about their beneficial bacteria. They help your digestion by breaking food down, and helping your body absorb more nutrients from your food.

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