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Your Anti Candida Diet

I’ve had emails on many occasions now about people finding it difficult to eat at work, while they’re trying to stay on their anti Candida diet.

I can’t find anything

The biggest problem people run into is finding something to eat on their lunch break. They say they go out with their friends at lunch, and mostly end up at a sandwich bar or a similar place.

The only thing you can do when following an anti Candida diet is prepare your own lunch. There’s no other way of doing it. A sandwich is a no-no whatever filling it has inside of it. The yeast in the bread will be more beneficial for your Candida than it will you.

Preparing your own food

When you prepare your own lunch you know exactly what’s going into it. The simplest lunch you can prepare for yourself is a salad. The benefits of a salad for your lunch are…


  • It won’t feed the Candida in your intestines
  • It’s healthier than a sandwich
  • It will help you lose weight if you need to
  • It’s full of enzymes your body needs to function at an optimal level

When you’ve started preparing your own food for work for a couple of weeks you will start to really notice a difference in your health, fitness and concentration.

An anti Candida diet is difficult at first

I also hear from people who say they get funny looks when they pull out their tub of highly nutritious salad, and everyone else is eating a sandwich with a cake, and it’s being washed down with a can of coke. This does put some people off, I know it did me at first, but the health benefits far outweighed what anyone thought of me. When your colleagues at work start to see a difference in your energy, concentration and complexion they’ll want to start eating a healthier diet.

When you prepare your food try not to use ready made salad dressing or mayonnaise. These contain vinegar, and will feed your Candida. Olive oil is the perfect dressing for a salad, and is a benefit to an anti Candida diet.

You’ll be glad you did it

When you start to look and feel better than you have for a long time you’ll be glad you stuck to your diet. You owe it to yourself. You will feel beautiful from the inside, and look radiant on the outside.

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