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How Long Will It Take To Cure Your Yeast Infection

How long will it take to cure a yeast infection? If you're asking this question because you're having trouble curing your infection with anti fungal drugs then the drugs you're using could be making your infection worse. To keep on applying the same drugs to your yeast infection and then it comes back means you're on your way top creating a drug resistant fungus that will create an infection that takes even longer to cure.

To cut down the length of time it takes to cure your yeast infection at Natural Yeast Cure where you'll learn how to cure your infection without any more anti fungal drugs that are going to make the fungus in your body more aggressive. You'll also learn everything you're doing that is doing you more harm than good when it comes to successfully eliminating fungus from your body.

Every yeast infection is different

Every person is different, which means, every yeast infection will be different, and they will take different amounts of time to cure them. It also depends on what area of your body you are suffering your yeast infection.

Vaginal yeast infection

It should only take a few days to a week to cure your vaginal yeast infection. If it takes longer or your yeast infection returns after you have finished your treatment then there could be another cause to your yeast infection that needs attention first. This could be a health issue or an intestinal yeast infection.

Intestinal yeast infections/candidiasis

If you're suffering from an intestinal yeast infection/candidiasis then it can take anywhere from weeks to months to fully cure yourself. Once the mutated Candida Albicans yeast has mutated it will adhere itself to your intestinal walls, and then this perforates your intestines so toxins are allowed to enter your blood. Intestinal yeast infection symptoms are high in number and the more symptoms you're suffering from the longer you have had the intestinal infection.

An anti Candida protocol is needed to cure an intestinal yeast infection as drugs will only make it worse.

Systemic candidiasis

If you have been suffering from an intestinal yeast infection for a long time then the Candida yeast can start entering your bloodstream via your perforated intestines. This type of yeast infection will be the hardest to cure.

The Candida can cause a high level of toxins in your blood so these need to be eliminated as well as the yeast. This type of yeast infection will usually infect people with AIDS/HIV and/or people that have taken antibiotics frequently throughout their lives.

If you are an AIDS/HIV sufferer then you will probably need anti fungal drugs continually to keep you alive. If you have been on numerous courses of antibiotics then an anti Candida protocol will need to be used to cure your systemic candidiasis.

Anti Candida protocol

Learn more about the most successful anti-Candida protocol on the internet here - Natural Yeast Cure. Your health depends on it.

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